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What is DTS™ and why is it beneficial?

March 10, 2020

Telemetrics        We recently posted an article about the DMI upgrades to the standard 22-36 pipe bending machine.  While there were many key upgrades to the hydraulic operating system, there was also a brand new feature that was included in the machine upgrade. That feature was the DMI Telemetric System (DTS)™.   What Is It…

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DMI International Pipe Bending Machine Bending Set and Die

22-36 Super Elite PBM

December 12, 2019

  22-36 Super Elite Pipe Bending Machine New age technology We have outfitted this machine with a Telemetric Performance Monitoring system which allows the hydraulic system to be monitored via the internet.  Not only does this allow for the hydraulic operating system to be remotely monitored, it also creates visibility of when the machine is…

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16-30 Super PBM New Design

December 11, 2019

Redesigned 16-30 Super Pipe Bending Machine DMI International’s New 16-30 Super Pipe Bending Machine not only has a new look, it has lots of new features. Safety Saves The Day When engineering pipeline equipment one must take into consideration several factors.  Safety is a huge factor in today’s world, especially when it comes to heavy…

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DMI International 36-48 Pipe Bending Machine

International Bender of Choice

December 11, 2019

Super 36-48 Pipe Bending Machine Sleek Design This bender has many features that makes it an excellent choice for the international markets.  Designed to a maximum width of 12’-6” width which keeps the unit within the road width limits and does not require special permitting in some countries.  Thus allowing the bender to be moved…

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