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World leader in pipeline service & welding, pipeline bending machines, mandrels, clamps, cradles, and other pipeline bending equipment

Bending Pipes, Breaking Expectations

Super Elite 22″ – 36″

DMI International Pipe Bending Machine 22-36


  • Hydraulic Mandrel connections available with 5 section valve
  • Two Stage Pump option available
  • T1 Steel Body Construction for long life & extra strength
  • Calibrated Indicator Rod for precise repeatable pipe bends
  • Single operator control station for all functions
  • PTFE sealing system in all cylinders
  • Designed to bend all grades of API-5L pipe within its range
  • Easily towed on the right of way by a suitable tractor
  • Towing eye can be raised & lowered by actuating the Stiffblock controls
  • Large extra capacity filter
  • Control valve sections sized for precise flow and metering
  • Best in Class cycle time


InBoard Cylinder752.25
OutBoard Cylinder11188
Pin Up Cylinder6234
Clamp Cylinder
Pump TypeVane, Fix Volume
Pump Flow105 gpm
Valve TypeManual, 3 or 5 Section
Filtration3 Micron, Pressure Line
Hydraulic System Max Operating Pressure3000 psig
Hydraulic Reservoir125 gal469 L


Dia (in)

ManufacturerQuincy QR-390
Drive TypeHydraulic Motor
Pressure210 psig
Flow67.0 acfm @ 175 psig

Length25′-0″7,620 mm
Width8′-8″2,642 mm
Height9′-11″3,023 mm
Weight (lbs/kg)57,000 lbs25,455 kg
Track Size15 Ton

Drive TypeHydraulic Motor
Pulling Force20,000 lbf
Cable Diameter.5625″
Free Wheeling Drum

Perkins Diesel202hp
Operating Speed2200rpm
Fuel Tank25gal

  • Caterpillar C6.6 Diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic-driven air compressors
  • Hydraulic mandrel controls with five-section valve & 3/4″ access connections
  • Cold weather operating kit (-40º) available
  • Telemetric performance monitoring

36 / 914.42.3632.0331.8691.731.5061.1950.5011513.95
34 / 864-2.2992.1131.9551.7001.3480.5510415.43
32 / 813-2.6232.412.2281.9361.5330.589816.37
30 / 762---2.5632.2261.7600.609516.89
28 / 711----2.5862.0420.658818.23
26 / 660-----2.3990.708219.56
24 / 610------
22 / 559------

• A cell marked with a (-) represents the ability to bend up to 2.00″ thick. For wall thickness greater than that, contact DMI.
• Figures above represent empirical data and are recommendation only. They do not constitute a warranty.
• All bends are based on the use of DMI mandrels and approved Die Sets.
• For heavy wall pipe special Die Sets may be required.
• Figures shown above are provided as “Average” and will vary depending on the following:

  • Actual wall thickness of the pipe.
  • Actual Yield Stress of the pipe.
  • Skill of the Operators handling the Bending Machine and Mandrel.
  • Origin and Quality of the pipe.
  • Type of Die and Bending Set being used.

• Normal unbend tangent for PBM 6-20 is 5′
• Normal unbend tangent for PBM 16-30 is 6′
• Normal unbend tangent for PBM 22-36 is 6′
• Normal unbend tangent for PBM 32-42 is 7′
• Normal unbend tangent for PBM 48-60 is:

  • 11′ for Stiffback end with pipe support
  • 13′ for Stiffback end with NO pipe support
  • 8′ for Pinup end with pipe support
  • 9′ for Pinup end with NO pipe support

Technical information provided for this equipment regarding performance, specifications, dimension and weights can vary depending on final configuration of the equipment. Please contact DMI International for actual specifications at time of shipment.

DMI International does not accept responsibility for errors regarding the technical information, nor the consequences of any errors, nor the consequences to changes in the specifications contained herein. DMI International reserves the right to modify the equipment performance and specifications without notice.